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Switch to Solar: 6 Reasons to Install a Home Solar System

Heard the buzz about solar energy? It’s hard to get away from the all the chatter regarding the environmental and financial benefits of a home solar energy system. But all the chatter is for good reason, since the benefits of solar power are wide and far reaching. In our latest article the solar installation specialists here at K-Electrical explain why homeowners continue to switch to solar, and why the Sunshine state is an ideal place to get the most from this energy option.

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No Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Solar energy is generated without any burning of fossil fuels and without contributing to air pollution. There is also minimal environmental impact when installing solar infrastructure since solar panels are attached to existing structures. Because solar is a renewable resource, it doesn’t require the constant mining of raw materials.

Self Sufficiency

There’s something extremely satisfying about being able to generate your own energy, without depending on, and being at the mercy of electricity companies. The fact that there is no ongoing power bills with solar energy merely sweetens the deal.

Complete Quietness

Solar is energy option that collects energy in complete silence. No buzzing, no white noise, just quietly doing collecting energy from the sun’s rays.

Infinite Free Energy

Once you’ve paid for the installation, paying for electricity becomes a thing of the past. Imagine saying goodbye to quarterly electricity bills. Now stop and imagine no more. Solar energy has made this dream a reality.

Constantly improving

Technology has improved the way solar can be accessed, and the fantastic news is what was once considered bulky, expensive and with limited inefficiency has transformed to be vastly more efficient, more affordable and less bulky.

Low Maintenance

Once solar panels have been installed and are working at maximum efficiency, there is little ongoing maintenance required on the homeowner’s part.

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